Zoom Suit Issue #2 Glow in the Dark Comic Book

A Simulation of the “Glow in the Dark” effect on the Cover of Zoom Suit #2 Cover “A” by Bart Sears. A larger version of this image was emailed to retailers and industry trade websites.

Due to the ordering process in the Comic book industry direct market,  sales of #2 issues are traditionally very low.  Often series do not recover from the inevitable drop  in sales.

One reason for the drop off, sometimes as high as 90%, is that comic shop retailers must place their orders two (2) months in advance.  The delay causes shop owners to be forced to gauge demand on issue #2 31-60 days prior to Issue #1 hitting store shelves.  (Example January – order issue 1, February – order issue #2, March – order issue #3 and receive delivery of issue #1.)

In order to increase consumer and retailer interest in Zoom Suit #2 “Glow in the Dark” covers were announced, and solicited.  Using the same technique utilized to make web banners, animated gifs were created to show off the glow effect online.

Press releases were sent to dozens of industry trade publications.  News of an Armored Legends 1/25 retailer incentive possibly also featuring “Glow in the Dark” technology was “leaked” to key industry sources.

Orders exceeded estimates, and Zoom Suit #2 went on to sell over 10,000 copies of the standard edition as well as over 3,000 total copies of Limited Editions, Sketch Editions and Suspended Animation Editions.

Zoom Suit #2 went on to be Sold Out at the distributor and the publisher within a few days of its’ release date.

“The animated short film led many new fans into comic shops”, said Zoom Suit Creator John Taddeo.  “Many shops sold out of issue #1 before the month was up, but with a very small print run, issue two will dry up much more quickly”.

A Simulation of the “Glow in the Dark” effect on the Cover of Zoom Suit #2 Cover “B” by Keron Grant. A larger version of this image was emailed to retailers and industry trade websites.

Due to Distributor order cutoff dates, comic shop retailers had to order issues #1, 2 and 3 before experiencing the strong retail sales on Zoom Suit #1.  Orders on Zoom Suit issue #2 through Diamond Comics were just over 6,000 copies.  However, within days of the release of issue 1, retailers ordered all of Diamonds remaining copies via advance reorders.  Once Diamond was sold out, retailers turned to Taddeo for additional copies to meet consumer demand.

“Luckily we printed extras to give out at film festivals”, said Taddeo.  Retailers began phoning me asking to increase orders a week or two ago.  I shipped my copies off as quickly as possible, and over the last four days I realized that we had shipped an additional 4,200 copies bringing total sales on the second issue to over 10,000 copies.”

Orders on the April 26th release of Zoom Suit #1 exceeded 20,000 copies, a demand of more than double order estimates of industry professionals and triple the expectation of the publisher.  The comic was allocated to direct market comic shops at 90% of initial orders, and quickly sold out in all but the most heavily stocked shops.

“It’s amazing how fans have taken to Zoom Suit”, said Taddeo.  “I printed nearly twice what the market ordered on issue #2 and yet sold out by the release date.  We sold over $10,000 worth of Zoom Suit special editions and merchandise since the release of issue #1 and additionally sold over $2,000 of ZS items to benefit the Florida Humane Society.  A sincere heartfelt thanks to everyone contributing to the unexpected success of Zoom Suit”.

ZOOM SUIT #2 (Shipped May 24th) features a story by John Taddeo, with covers by Bart Sears and Keron Grant.  The Interior is by Keron Grant and Billy Dallas Patton. Retailers also received a limited edition Armored Legends Edition by Bob Layton.

ZoomSuit-Issue2-Armored-Legends-taddeo-glow-in-the-darkZOOM SUIT #3 is complete. Superverse guarantees a delivery date of June 28th 2006.  Pre-orders are recommended.