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One live performance streamed in Real Time to dozens of locations around the World!

Miami, FL, March 1, 2011 –(– The biggest DJ superstars on the planet are coming to a nightclub near you.




Syndication Revolution has gone “Live” and is broadcasting “Live Via Satellite” from Miami, Ibiza, London, NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Singapore and Chicago.  The biggest DJ performances, from the epicenters of party music are now available to over 50,000 bars, taverns, and nightclubs in the U.S. and over 150,000 worldwide.  The high definition feed hits partner club video systems in 1080P, and pipes into the destination clubs audio with no loss of signal.

“It’s like being in a World Super Club in your own backyard.  These are the “Lines Around the Corner” acts, the performers that sell out nightclubs days or sometime weeks in advance”, said Syndication Revolution creator John Taddeo.  “Local club owners are now empowered to pack their venues all seven nights of the week.  For astute club owners and club managers this opportunity is a game changer.”

Syndication Revolution’s “Real Time Live Via Satellite” Service, and relationships with the stars of house, techno, and trance allow fans that frequent clubs in places that could never accommodate a traditional “Tour Stop” to see their favorite DJ Entertainers.   Thousands of small to mid-size venues that could otherwise never afford the appearance fee of a top ranked DJ can now choose from a menu of the most highly sought after club performers on the planet.

“It would be an economic impossibility to bring a performer of this scale into a venue with an occupancy limit under 1,000 patrons – until now.”


The Excitement of the Worlds Greatest DJ’s in the Comfort of Local Venues.


The program is a “Win” for all parties.  The DJ’s are broadcast into dozens, hundreds or even over a thousand small to mid-size venues, or small markets with each one paying affordable appearance fees.  As clubs in the Syndication Revolution network decide to pick up the feed, fees to the performers add up quickly often surpassing -even doubling – their “Live” performance fees.  Owners of venues in the network enjoy a packed house, increased food and beverage sales, and the opportunity to capitalize on services that have traditionally been a challenge for small clubs to exploit, such as branded merchandise sales and bottle sales.  most importantly, the fans get to see, hear and part with their favorite DJs every week.

In order to ensure the same level of excitement and consumer demand as in the live location, Syndication Revolution allows only one club per geographic region to feature each broadcast. On the first day the website went live the company received over 100 applications by entertainment venues to register for streaming broadcasts.  Registrations have come from over a dozen states and nine countries.  The company expects to have over 10,000 entertainment venues registered this year.

Applications for nightclubs that wish to feature Syndication Revolution DJs are currently available  on the website on a “First Come First Serve Basis.

For more information on Syndication Revolution, LLC visit

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