Cartoon Saloon Theme Restaurant

[youtube][/youtube] Cartoon Saloon was a theme restaurant that I created in the mid 90’s with fellow entrepreneur Ray Noble.  The flagship location opened in Fort Lauderdale Florida in September of 1996.  With a skeleton crew, my credit cards, and $75,000 in cash we hand built a 5,000 square foot, 200+ seat theme restaurant and bar. […]

Zoom Suit: The Complete First Episode

These four videos make up the complete first issue of Zoom Suit.  To Read the Webcomic Optimized for mobile devices or download a PDF of the actual Comic Book Click Here. The Promo Trailer [youtube][/youtube] Here’s the trailer that we used to promote the comic.  It was made up of scenes from the animation and […]

Voodoo Tiki Movie – Making Magic Bottles

Check out how each Magic Voodoo Tiki Tequila Bottle is  individually handcrafted at the Mexican compound of reclusive Mexican Glass Artist Nuramo. [youtube][/youtube] Voodoo Tiki Bottle Facts The first tiki bottle ever created was drawn and designed by John in 1999. It can take as many as 7 people to make one single bottle. No […]

NEWSARAMA Says Zoom Suit is the Comic of the Year!

NEWSARAMA Says Zoom Suit is the Comic of the Year! Newsarama Review By Ryan McLelland   YOUR INDY WEEKLY: ZOOM SUIT #1 by Ryan McLelland  Zoom Suit #1 Superverse  April 2006  $2.95 Written by: John Taddeo Penciled by: Billy Dallas Patton Inked by: Kris Justice Website:  Rating 4 stars (out of 4). […]