Syndication Revolution Brings Music to Millions

The Revolution is Now.

Broadcast “Live” Via Closed Circuit Satellite to Hundreds of Targeted Venues 

Syndication Revolution captures the musical and visual performances of the top DJ entertainers on the planet, and  broadcasts their performances around the world!

If you’re a DJ you become a “One Man Army” of top entertainers, able to perform in dozens, hundreds . . .even thousands of venues around the world – All At Once!

Club & entertainment venue owners, imagine you could bring the biggest acts in the universe into your establishment every night of the week.  How much money could you make with names like that on the Marque outside!

Our team of Award Winning directors, cameramen, sound engineers and filmmakers capture the performance live in 1080p, and broadcast on closed circuit satellite to our club partners around the globe.  Club partners pay a “Syndication Fee” to air the act, “LIVE VIA SATELLITE.”

Why Syndication?  It’s Simple . . .

For DJs it’s the Clubs and Cities that Could Otherwise Never Afford a Tour Stop.

For Clubs, finally Top Talent at an Affordable, and Profitable Price.

Syndication means top talent earns more, while making their performances affordable to astute club owners everywhere. 

For example, Imagine a Fan Favorite DJ is playing Ibiza, Miami, New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Barcelona, Sweden, Rio De Janeiro . . .and next Week Las Vegas, but what about the fans in the other 99% of the World?  There are thousands of small to mid size venues in cities and countries nowhere near their tour stops. These are the places that would kill for an appearance by their favorite DJ Star, but the these cities and venues could never afford, or cover the costs associated with an appearance by a major star.  The Answer is Syndication Revolution.

How It Began

On a pleasure trip to house music Mecca Ibiza, Syndication Revolution’s founder John Taddeo booked a VIP table for David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous Tour at Pacha.  Being a huge fan of the Guettas “Seating” was an important factor (Especially at the “table price” – a guaranteed 1,500 Euro minimum spend!)  Taddeo found the best seat in the house was actually a VIP Area with two huge viewing screens.  That night people danced and partied to the sounds and performance in front of the viewing screens . . .even so much as facing the screen, waving hands in the air, fist pumping toward it, and shouting as if it was Guetta standing there, and not a Plasma TV!  It wasn’t until the 6:00AM “Disco Bus” ride home that Taddeo turned to his wife and said, “Did you ever actually see David Guetta?”

We Make Every Night an Event – Everywhere! 


Some Say, “It’ll Never Work.”  It’s Actually Working Already

People shout to the “Soon to be Victims” on the movie screen whenever the killer is near.  Put a sporting event on TV and watch fans that love their teams jump, cheer, and plead with the players and coaches!  Certainly you’ve been in a room with basketball or hockey fans yelling  “Shoot!” Or the classic, “No!, No!, No!” just before the quarterback throws an interception.  It’s already working.  You’ve seen the concept at work first hand, very likely in your own living room.  You just haven’t been paid on it . . .Yet.

Our investors are excited that we’re “Breaking the 4th Wall”, but to die hard “House Heads”, the forth wall never existed!  The Bond is there . . .Even “Live Via Satellite!”

“Ladies and Gentleman, Rock & Roll”, MTV 1981

They said it would never work.  Who wants to “Watch” music? But on August 1, 1981, at precisely 12:01 a.m., MUSIC TELEVISION -MTV launched with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.” Those words were immediately followed by the original MTV theme song, a crunching instant classic composed by Jonathan Elias and John Petersen, playing over the Apollo 11 moon landing, with the flag featuring MTV’s logo changing colors, textures, and designs.  Everybody under the age of 50 knows that, right?

However, what most people don’t know is that at the moment of MTV’s launch, only a few thousand people on a single cable system in northern New Jersey could see it.

The first music video shown on MTV was The Buggles, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, and it did.  labeled by the misfortunate as a “Fad”, some artists decried, “It will Never Work.”  Ouch!  Acts late to the party suffered financially, or worse disappeared altogther.  New stars were made, along with an all new definition of what constitutes a “Rockstar.”

As for the cable providers that had turned up their noses at such an “Odd and Unmarketable” business prospect, “Video” didn’t quite “Kill” the Cable Provider but it did make them pay up – in spades.  Those late to the party were rumored to have have been forced to pay over 100 times the original offering price once fans across the United States started shouting, “I Want My MTV.”

The Opportunity is Ground Floor

There are thousands of clubs in hundreds of cities that we can pack with music fans enjoying performances otherwise unavailable to them.  Clubs enjoy huge attendance, increased entry fees, table prices and bottle sales through the roof.  DJ’s enjoy increased revenue via dozens or hundreds syndication fees, and an unprecedented level of exposure to fans that truly appreciate the opportunity to finally be a part of a live performance in their town. The opportunity is limitless, the additional work required by performers and club owners is minimal.

Ladies and Gentleman, Syndication Revolution.