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“I was holding my charging paperwork, which was about as thick as a full ream of paper. To me it felt like it weighed 50lbs.  The front said in all capital letters THE STATE OF FLORIDA VS JOHN TADDEO.  I remember thinking, there are about 20 million people in Florida.  This paperwork basically says that 20 million people are trying to take me away from the people that I love for the next 20 years.”        – John Taddeo, recounting the story of the day he was arrested, a decade prior to becoming an Attorney and partner at Posada Taddeo Dietiker. In 2008, three years after being charged, John’s case was dropped by the state of Florida, and his record was expunged.  In a letter to the Florida Bar the Assistant Statewide Prosecutor wrote on John’s behalf, “I wish to be unequivocal in this statement, John Taddeo should never have been charged in this matter.” John’s father died in 2007, before seeing his son exonerated. We could say more about how we understand what you’re going through, but after the above what would be the point. We are people that understand what you are going through when you are facing criminal charges. We also happen to be State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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