We are People that also happen to be Lawyers.

Turning the Legal Industry On Its Head.

Of course the “Cash Cow” legal industry hates us.

You would hate us too if we were disrupting your outdated, top heavy, “Old Boys Network” business Model.

We’re pulling back the curtain on the legal industry.

We Work To End Your Case Fast.

We Do Not Believe in “Work the Files. Keep the Clients on the Ferris Wheel”

Business Model.

When you have a legal problem it’s at least a distraction, and in some cases it takes over your life.

This is bad.

We’ve been there.  We know your pain.

We push your case to resolution, whether by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

We want the matter behind you quickly, so you can have your life back.

This brings us joy.

You’ll brag about us to your friends.

We will help them applying the same efficiencies.

They will brag to their friends.

We will help many, many, people.

This brings us joy and money.

This is our business model.

We Do Not Require That Our Attorneys Bill a Minimum of 200 Hours a Month.

Yes. This is a real thing, and it’s pervasive.

We believe billing is a consequence of taking necessary action, not an incentive to act.

Our firm has no “Billing Quota” – official, unofficial, whispered, or unspoken.

We have no required billing minimum of our lawyers or our clients.

 “See if you can find another 10 hours of billing on this account”, is not how we do business.

In fact, we find it offensive.

We Understand Communication is Critical.

We believe that your ability to reach us, when you need us, is essential.

As a policy, we return all calls that can not be answered immediately in less than 24 hours.

However, when your attorney is not immediately available, if you say the word, “Emergency” you will be on the phone with an attorney in a matter of moments.

Even in the middle of the night.

This is because we don’t believe in “Caring a Little.”

We believe either you care or you don’t care.

We care.

We Will Be There When You Need Us.

Life happens 24 hours a day.

Arrests in the middle of the night, civil agencies at your business front door, search warrants, or any other matter where you need us, we will quickly be at your side.

What is Your Lawyers Emergency Contact Procedure?

An answering service?

That’s not caring. It’s Placating.

Our Clients get a Partner’s Cell Phone Number.

It’s the same number his Mother uses to reach him.

We Do Not Over Promise.

We Do Over Perform.

You don’t have to look too far to find a firm that will say almost anything in order to get their retainer agreement signed.

We call this the “Talk Up.”

After you pay them, they begin “Managing Your Expectations.”  That’s sales jargon for,

“You should expect less than we originally promised, and it’s not our fault because …”

We don’t like that.

We’re different.

From slam-dunk to uphill battle, we will be honest in our assessment of how we can help you.

Sometimes it’s a lot

Other times it’s a little.

We would rather lose your business with honesty than lie to get it.

We Don’t Always Win.

Marketers can manipulate a set of numbers into saying anything.

 Any charlatan can use an asterisk, small print and “Mathematical Gymnastics” to cover their “I’m The Best! Here’s Proof!” 72pt headline.

That’s how three car dealers in the same county can all claim to be, “The Biggest!” in those obnoxious daytime TV ads.

“Half Truths” are equally “Half Lies.”

Nobody always wins.

To suggest otherwise is to take advantage of a person during a moment of weakness for the purpose of making money.

We find this offensive.

We think differently.

We believe you should be able to expect more from your lawyers than from the guys that sell you undercoating and the deluxe floor mat package.

We won’t dazzle you with “cooked books” hollow numbers, or “cherry picked” results to get your business.

We don’t always win.

We Always Leave Everything On The Field.

Then again, everyone probably says something to that effect.

No one comes to you and says “Look, I’m not so good at this, and being completely honest, I don’t work very hard. Neither do I care much.”

Everybody says they are “Wonderful and brilliant.”

 So who can you trust?

We won’t ask for your trust.

We only ask that you get to know us.

Not as lawyers, as people.

We are honors graduates, award winners, elite level athletes, and military veterans.

We are survivors of difficult medical journeys such as cancer, or physically dangerous treks over oceans or dangerous land to reach freedom in America.

We are a person that was wrongfully charged with a crime that he did not commit, who after full exoneration attended law school and graduated summa cum laude.

We are a law school valedictorian.

We are financially successful business people that retired in our 30s – not to set sail and travel the world – but to attend law school, in order to better serve others.

We don’t look for fights, but it’s our nature to fight back.

It’s our nature to leave everything on the field.

It’s our nature to help others, especially those who can not help themselves.

It’s our nature to strive, achieve,

and win.

This is who we are as people.

(We also happen to be lawyers.)

We pledge to proactively take initiative and attack the issues of our clients with deep respect, dedication, compassion, preparation, resolve and zealous representation.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-866-686-6366


If you feel we are not a fit for you, but you still require legal assistance, the Florida Bar has an attorney referral service which can be accessed at:

Link to Florida Bar Referral.

There you can browse thousands of excellent attorneys, and find the perfect fit for your current circumstance.

Linking to the Competition does not bring us business.

However, if it makes you happy it brings us joy.

This speaks to our priorities as people.

We are people.

We also happen to be lawyers.

Wherever your decision for counsel takes you, please accept our best wishes, and sincerest thanks for taking the time to read our Firm Culture Page.