New Media Marketing Primer

New media as it pertains to marketing has become a “Catch All” for everything outside traditional media outlets of Print, TV and Radio.  It’s actually an extremely broad term, encompassing aspects of paid search, organic search (SEO), Social Networking on thousands of Social Networking sites and forums (yes – thousands), dozens of Social Book Marking sites, hundreds of Article Directly sites, dozens of Video Sites, and hundreds of Press Relation sites.

It’s not for the faint of heart, and the results you get will be in direct proportion to the time, energy and money you put into the program.

Yet everywhere you go, inevitably someone will hand you a business card and tell you that they are a “Social Media Expert” or that they are a “SEO Expert.”  Stories of social media “Lightning in a Bottle” are like shiny objects that marketers snap at without giving much thought.  Mediocre marketers talk about Facebook pages and twitter accounts to the computer illiterate as if business owners are missing windfall opportunities.

These promises are a complete distortion of reality.

How the Internet “Works”The Weighted Democracy.

“Link Juice” is the currency of Search. It  allows one site to beat a competitor site for rankings in Organic Google Search (i.e – non paid search). There are additional factors that Google uses to calculate rankings, but link juice is by far the most important aspect of dominating Google, and Search (SEO) in general.

Google looks at how sites link to each other to figure out which ones are the best. To show this in a way that’s understandable, assume each emoticon in the image below is a website, and each pointing hand is a link.

Google is going to take a look at links to determine which of these sites is likely the best.

At a glance we see that sites that have more links (“Votes”) are rated “More Valuable” by Google Search, and thus will be more relevant in “Organic Search.”

So by this example, sites with the same number of links would rank the same.  However, this is where “Page Rank” – The Weighted Democracy – comes into play.

Sites are assigned a “Page Rank” of 1-10 by Google.  The higher the page rank the more “Juice” that link provides.

Imagine a democracy where each participant in the voting were given a vote for each year of school completed.  So a 10th grade drop out would get 9 votes, and a person with a doctorate might have 20 or more – a “Weighted Democracy.”  That’s the way the internet establishes SEO Ranking.

The Race to the Bottom

To exploit this system, New Media Marketers and “SEO Experts” attempt to create links any way possible.  They post duplicate, nonsensical content, or general lists of keywords in order to “Generate Any Link, in Any Manner Possible.”  This worked 10 years ago.  Today, the result will be a zero net gain. Search engines are programmed by very smart people and the software will see right through this strategy.  Additionally, site owners and moderators where such links were attempted to be posted.

This is why an outsourcing service will never work, and where people that are Programmers First and Marketers Second (or not at all) will not achieve your goals.  They will “Hack It Out.”  Garbage In = Garbage Out.

A Trained Marketing Expert Won’t Throw Shit Against the Wall.  Expert Marketers Use Sniper Rifles in their Execution – Not Shot Guns, and especially not sawed off ones.

A correct and proper strategy is to create a high quality of valuable content.  Content that people would want to see – Quality Organic Content for Potential Customers (or Media Outlets) to discover, which in turn leads them to your website.  This includes numerous articles written about your products, company and overall industry, as well as the scheduled release of press to various media outlets.  The higher the quality of the content, the more people will read and link to it.

So for example:

You post an interesting, well written article on an Article Directory site which includes links to your website.

That Article Directory Site now “links” to your site – gaining you a vote.

People visit this article.  Due to the quality of the content they possibly link to it and share it with friends.

The “Page Rank” of that article increases, as the links increase.

Which gives your site more “Link Juice.”

Best of all since it’s quality content, it stays up on the net, which grows your link juice.

Of course, knowing how to create high quality, “Must Click” content, knowing where to place this content, and how to market the content is also key.  This is where it’s time to “Rethink Your Marketing Team.”

Need more help?  Read John’s Post on Press in the Internet Age or Call Rocketfuel Brand at 1-866-686-6366.