Mega Media Lead Generation Company

Mega Media LogoLead prospecting and generation company Mega Media, inc was created as a vertical integration to acquire leads for John’s various businesses at a wholesale rate, as well as acquire and sell leads at retail to competitor firms.

Mega Media Acquired Leads Through:

Television Ads – Advertisements for investment in precious metals, crude oil, gasoline and heating oil ran on MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN and other news and investment related stations.  Ads ran both as traditional media buys, as well as Cost Per Inquiry (CPI) where the station would run the ads at their own discretion and earn payments based upon number of responses.

Radio Ads – 60 second radio spots, written and produced by John, ran on over 200 North American Radio Channels.

Email Marketing – In 1999, while mass email marketing was still considered an interesting new media and legitimate contact pipeline, investor email lists were purchased and millions of emails were sent weekly often resulting in thousands of inquiries each week.

Article Marketing with Book & White Paper Offer – Marketing articles on the issues of the day, week or month, John included links to receive “White Papers” (Authoritative Reports or Guides) that offered information in exchange for the user’s contact information.  Users that expressed interest in a particular white paper would be directed to a landing page where they could input their information to receive their free white paper via download or email.

Survey Solicitations – To focus on a more qualified client, and thus create a more valuable lead, John created “Survey Rooms” where hired telephone marketers would call leads with limited information, (Usually simply name, address and single phone number) and build out a “Potential Customer Profile Sheet” which including multiple contact numbers, martial status, investment capital, net worth, previous investment history, age, investment areas of interest and other factors helpful to a Financial Adviser.

Mega Media Software

John co-created the Mega Media operations software by providing the business architecture for the operations of a commission based, aging inventory, receivables business.

Mega Media software tracked salespeople, sales commissions including fortnightly payroll, daily production, monthly production, as well as the complete inventory of leads.  The system also “Aged” and “regulated the inventory for example, new leads were sold with a seven (7) day window of opportunity before they were sold again as a “7 Day Old Lead” at a reduced cost.  In essence the inventory on that name would open when it was received, and then “Close” be unavailable for sale for seven days, at which time it would “Reopen” for sale as a reduced cost product.  This system of inventory regulation and pricing continued as follows:

Lead Age Price
Fresh Lead – First Contact $30
7 Days After First Contact $15-$18
14 Days Ago $12-$15
30 Days Ago $6-$10
60 Days Ago $3-$6
90 Days Ago $2-$5
After 90 Days $.50-$2

Through the Mega Media software, John was able to act as a “Leads Wholesaler” to dozens of independent local lead sales representatives keeping track of their accounts receivables, accounts payable, and previous sales.  Independent representatives could simply call in to check inventory, and have leads in their client’s email in minutes.