Medi-Kidz in Publisher’s Weekly

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Children are another group deeply affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, and their confusion and fright may be difficult to manage.

Frustrated that they weren’t able to provide their young patients with resources, Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr. Kate James created Medikidz, a multimedia Company dedicated to enabling children to answer questions about their health, in their language and at their level.

“We use the ‘Medikidz’ – a gang of five superheroes from planet Mediland (a planet shaped like a human body) to explain difficult medical concepts to children,” says Chilman-Blair.

In October, the American Cancer Society will partner with Medikidz to publish “What’s Up with Bridgets Mom?”, in which the Medikidz explain breast cancer by climbing into a lymph duet and, later, tackle chemotherapy and its side effects.  The comic is written by John Taddeo.

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