Limited Edition Zoom Suit Comic Offered at

Limited Edition Comic Offered at

Zoom Suit Featuring Bart Sears Cover Available Free to Comic Fans

Cydonia, December 15, 2005 – Comic fans can get their fix of both animation and funny books free in December.  As a gift to members of the fan forum, John Taddeo is offering a Limited Edition Zoom Suit Comic featuring a cover by “acclaimed” former Valiant artist Bart Sears.

Taddeo, a comic fan of 30 years, made a run for the assets of the defunct publisher Akklaim in early 2005, eventually winning the assets in a bankruptcy auction.  However, the deal soured over language in the contract closing the sale.  Eventually, the  incomplete assets were sold to an under bidder on an “As Is” sale at a significant discount.

During the time leading up to the sale, Taddeo made numerous friends on the Valiant fans forum.  During an “open forum” interview Taddeo was asked by a board member to provide a free special edition Valiant comic to the members of the forum.  Taddeo agreed to do so if he acquired the assets.  Even though the Valiant deal went up in smoke, Taddeo tapped former X-O Manowar superstar Bart Sears to do a homage cover on Zoom Suit #1, to make good on the offer of a free limited edition comic to Valiant Fans board members.  The offer is limited to the first 750 fans.

“Fans of Valiant still discuss the books from the 1990s and ponder the future of the Valiant characters.  Zoom Suit’s homage to X-O Manowar helps keep the memory of Valiant from fading, and stirs discussion of both comic universes in the online community.”, Said Greg Holland Valiant Fans website owner and moderator.

The Zoom Suit synopsis explains the story like this, “When an extraterrestrial suit ends up on Earth, it could mean a huge advancement for the U.S. military…if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  Clothes make the man, or in this case the boy in this animated superhero Cinderella story.”

Fans can also watch the award winning animated short Zoom Suit at

The Zoom Suit Comic Book, a four issue limited series written by John Taddeo, will be solicited in the February issue of Previews for items shipping in April 2006.  The comic features 36 story pages and a unique MetalFX printing process that takes the artwork of Bob Layton, Gene Colan, Bart Sears, Jim Starlin, and Billy Dallas Patton to a new height in comics.

Zoom Suit was an official selection of the 2005 San Diego Comic Con Film Festival and has been featured in over forty International Film Festivals garnering numerous awards including “Best in Show”, “Grand Festival Award” and multiple “Best Animation” awards.  To date the short has been screened to over 250,000 fans of comics and animation.