John Authors Medi-Kidz Explain Mom’s Breast Cancer

As a freelance writer, John has written over a dozen Medi-Kidz 32 page comic books for the Medi-Kidz corporation.  In each issue, John takes difficult to understand medical concepts and explains them in a manner that allows children as young as five to understand their a medical issue (or in some cases a Parent’s medical issue), what they can expect for treatment and the results.  The projects are often sponsored by global medical organizations and charities such as the American Cancer Society, Epilepsy Foundation, Children’s Brain Tumor Research Center, and many more.

Credibility is the cornerstone to the Medikidz offering – professional medical writers and doctors write all the content, which is subsequently peer-reviewed by leading consultants in each respective field. Medikidz also gains the endorsement of established and well-regarded medical institutions, foundations and spokespeople. Medikidz has established a Medical Advisory Board, consisting of dozens of the world’s preeminent physicians, as well as a Youth Advisory Board, a group of young people aged 6-16 years old, affected by illness, whose voice and opinion help to shape the direction of Medikidz.

Medi-Kidz Books Take Very Difficult Subjects, and Explain Them to Children in an Honest, and Easier to Understand Manner.

What’s Up With Bridget’s Mum? Medikidz Explain Breast Cancer

Bridget is an A-grade student and star of the school soccer team…But since her mum got breast cancer she just doesn’t seem to care. She stays in bed all day and doesn’t have any energy. All of Bridget’s successes seem empty without her mum’s support.

Luckily the Medikidz, a group of super-powered action-heroes with attitude, are on-hand to help Bridget get to grips with what’s going on!  Pump, Chi, Skinderella, Gastro, Axon and their trusty robot Abacus each have their own distinctive abilities and characters to ensure that their particular brand of edutainment is always both banter-driven and medically accurate.

Join Bridget as the Medikidz take her on a whistle-stop tour of Mediland – a distant planet whose geography and inhabitants bear a striking similarity to the intricacies of the human body. Along the way she’ll learn all about how badly-behaving lobule and duct cells stop other cells from doing their job properly and can trigger cancer. The superheroes will also thoroughly explain how badly-behaving cells can be removed and what doctors can do to stop them from returning. Bridget comes to understand the basic facts about her mum’s condition and appreciates what she is going through.

About Medi-Kidz

Millions of children worldwide are diagnosed every day with conditions that even their parents may find difficult to comprehend. Most children don’t understand their medical conditions, or associated investigations, procedures and treatments, and are often scared by what is going on around them.

That is where the Medikidz come into action!  The Medikidz are five energetic, larger-than-life superheroes on a mission to help young people understand illness and medical concepts. Chi, Pump, Skinderella, Axon and Gastro take children on a journey through Mediland – an outerspace planet shaped just like the human body – to explain the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and prevention of different medical conditions.

As well as the 25 current comic book titles on paediatric conditions (such as Epilepsy, Scoliosis, Leukaemia and Cystic Fibrosis) Medikidz have also produced titles relating to adult conditions, so that a parent/loved one, when faced with a diagnosis, has somewhere to turn to help them explain it to their children. Already published is “What’s Up With Mum? Medikidz Explain Breast Cancer” and “What’s Up With Dad? Medikidz Explain Melanoma” and next in this series will be, “What’s Up With Grandpa? Medikidz Explain Alzheimer’s Disease”, with Colon Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Schizophrenia to follow. Medikidz keep on getting approached all the time to write on new conditions – infact now there is a list of 300 to do! Medikidz also produce pamphlets and brochures explaining paediatrically-licensed medicines (increased understanding can lead to improved adherence) and hospitals investigations, such as “Medikidz Explain MRI Scan” or “Medikidz Explain Endoscopy”.

Since launch in September 2009, for which Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the spokesperson, Medikidz has distributed over 1,000,000 comic books globally, demonstrating in this short space of time, the definite, substantial and unsatisfied need the Medikidz initiative!