Syndication Revolution – How It Works

Wondering How It Works? Learn Here!  It’s Simple.

The Biggest DJ Performances in the World Streamed “Live Via Satellite” to Hundreds of Smaller Market Nightclubs andEntertainment Venues Around the Globe is a Syndication Revolution

The Basics

Our multi camera film team, award winning directors and sound engineers will be on site at nightclub venues featuring the greatest DJ performers in the world.  Video is captured as high as 1080p on as many as five cameras.

The digital sights and sounds are sent to an on premise mobile mixing desk where a Director crafts the live performance in real time.

The live performance is then streamed in real time to hundreds, or possibly thousands of small to midsize venues or markets worldwide.

Each venue that receives the stream pays a syndication fee for the rights to promote and broadcast the live performance.  Fees add up quickly, often tripling or quadrupling  the performers receipts.

Syndication Revenue Possibilities
Venues that want to receive the live streaming broadcast and have completed the application process will be chargedfees based upon their occupancy.  The most common charges are anticipated to be between $3,000us – $8,000us per performance.  Using an average of $5,000us
• 40 venues – $200,000
• 80 Venues -$400,000
• 200 Venues-$1,000,000
• 500 Venues – $2.5 Million Dollars
• 2,000 Venues $10 Million Dollars

Per Single Performance, i.e. One Night.

There are over 50,000 nightclubs in the United States, and over 250,000 Worl­­dwide.

Streaming is the Key
Small venues worldwide sit empty while World Super Clubs in destination locations sell out – even on Monday nights!  The difference = CONTENT.  We bring the biggest acts in the world to a nightclub near you.  Fans will come out for their favorite performers every night of the week.  In the past this wasn’t possible due to financial and geographic restrictions, however, with Syndication Revolution Every Night, in Every City is an Event – Via Satellite!

Ancillary Opportunities Abound!