Restaurant Design, Build, and Brand Draft Picks Sports Bistro

Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Automatic DoorsDraft Picks Sports Bistro is a poker and sports themed gastro pub located 10 minutes outside of downtown Montreal, serving the community as well delivering full restaurant and bar service to the VIP Poker Casino.

John’s involvement in the project included:

  • Naming.
  • Logo Design and all Intellectual Property Design.
  • Budgeting.
  • Scheduling.
  • Hiring Management Staff.
  • Procurement & Negotiating with all building material suppliers.
  • Negotiating and managing all trades including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, Audio & Video, equipment, furniture, flooring, stone, signage etc.
  • Front of house design and build, including floor plan.
  • Bar design and build including elevations designed by John in Photoshop.
  • Kitchen design and layout.
  • Additional water, electric and waste to multiple areas.
  • State of the Art Bar including glass chillers, dual three compartment sinks, ice sinks, multiple soda guns, mixing stations and more.



Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Bar Area
John’s Design in Photoshop

Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Bar Back
Before After
DSC_1147 draft picks_main entrance
 DSC_1186 Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_wide shot of bar
 DSC_1149 Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Whole Interior
 DSC_1150 Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Whole Interior2
 DSC_1446 Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Entrance View from Doors
 DSC_1187  Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_Bar Back
 DSC_1032  Draft Picks Sports Bistro_Taddeo_banquets