Ghostship Rum Available June 2012

Ghostship “White Diamond” White Rum.  Product Packaging Designed by John Taddeo

(If you can find a bottle), finally you can order a C & Coke without the fear of an awful sugar hangover from cheap booze, Ghostship Rum, the worlds first ultra premium spiced rum has hit US shores and is ready for distribution.  The jewel encrusted bottles that appear as if they were lifted from a pirates treasure chest will be distributed in June of 2012 in 16 US states.  2012 production will be limited to 10,000 numbered bottles.

Ghostship is an ultra-premium gourmet spiced rum.  Unlike some spiced sacred cows, “Ghostship contains no artificial coloring.  The deep rich and flavorful  gold hues are a result of anejo aging in hand selected charred barrels.  Although the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret the result is smooth with no burn.  The flavor is described by rum connoisseurs as featuring a a combination of vanilla and cinnamon with a delicate hint of  rosemary.

The Ghostship bottles are decorated in a pirate theme, with each bottle wearing an actual piece of jewel encrusted “Pirate Treasure” – The Bracelet of 7 Charms.  The bracelets 7 charms represent the seven events that  led to the creation of “The Ghostship Forever”, and Libertatia the secret pirate utopia as told in “The Legend of the Ghostship Forever.”

The Legend

Libertatia.  A free colony forged by pirates under the leadership of Captain William Forever Saint Mark in the mid 1600s where all were welcome to live out their days in peace, harmony and celebration.

Until the location reached Sir Woodes Rogers, then Governor of Bahamas.

Rogers was making a fortune abusing his position as Governor, “Authorizing Privateers” to terrorize ships on the high seas.  In other words, Pirates had gotten in Rogers Pockets for many years, and he had a measure of revenge to exact.

Ghostship “Black Pearl” Dark Spiced Rum. Product Packaging Designed by John Taddeo

When Rogers found out about the existence of Libertatia, he committed his fortune, days and nights to ascertaining the secret location.  Years passed.  Frustrated, he never found Libertatia, but found something nearly as good.

Anne Bonne, Saint Forever’s Lover.

While the famous Calico Jack and his crew hid down below, Anne Bonne and Mary Reade fought fiercely and alone against the forces of Rogers.  Bonne, Reade, Rackham and the entire crew of “The Revenge” were placed in irons and returned for trial and sentencing.

The eventual decision of the court – death.

A sentenced engineered by Rogers, knowing the urgency of the scheme would lure Saint Forever out of hiding,and finally revealing the location of Libertatia.  His plan worked.

To save his love, Saint Forever had taken the bait.  Under the cover of night, “The Forever Knight” docked in secret awaiting Bonne and Reade.  Once the two were aboard the ship quickly set sail returning to Libertatia by moonlight.

. . .It was not until days later, nearing their port that Saint Forever realized that they had been followed.

Hidden in the sunrise was a ship flying no flag.  The crew of the “Forever Knight” watched it turn in the distance.  A spy ship, obviously sent by Rogers to finally find Libertatia.  Landing on home ground Saint Forever immediately informed the town of his error, and that the English Navy would not be far behind.  Under the orders of Saint Forever’s nemesis, Rogers, they would sack Libertatia, kill the pirate inhabitants and plunder the city.

At the crack of dawn, Saint Forever believed he was boarding his ship alone, but found twelve of the most trained and deadly pirate captains the world has ever known ready to set sail on a single ship, to fight the final battle for Libertatia.

It was a suicide mission.

And when the battle had ended four full days later, the Forever Knight was set ablaze with the lifeless bodies of her crew still aboard.  The English celebrated as they watched it burn to the ocean surface, until the fire is extinguished when she slipped beneath the waves.  Delayed yet still determined, the remaining 22 ships continued on to take Libertatia . . .

. . .but when they arrived, it was gone.

In death the thirteen had lost the battle, but won the war.  The attack delayed the fleet long enough for the inhabitants of Libertatia to leave for a new secret location, and live on – which it does to this very day.

Battle scarred and frustrated, what remained of Rogers’s fleet returned to  port and an embarrassed Rogers.

Rogers would search unsuccessfully for Libertatia for the rest of his life, cursing Saint Forever and his ship of Pirate Captains for years, and eventually on his deathbed with his last breathe.

And as for the Saint Forever, his ship and his crew of captains, . . .

. . . They rose again.  The thirteen, still together now aboard the “Ghostship Forever”.

Forever searching for the home they gave their lives to defend.

Long Live Libertatia!  The Pirate Utopia.  For God and Liberty!