Futures Clearing Merchant One

In 2004 John Created FX Clearing Merchant One, a full service brokerage clearing firm, and the first licensed and registered clearing firm to introduce a foreign currency options customer pricing interface for market trading, and 24 hour customer account access.

Working with graduate economics students from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, and talented members of the local programming community, John built the currency options platform by expanding upon the Black-Sholes Option Model.    FXCM ONE TRADE STATION offered live access to customer accounts and instant “Point and Click” quotations on over 10,000 foreign currency derivative products.  Customers were able to trade 24 hours a day.  This cutting edge company featured trading technology years in advance of the competition.

In addition the the FXCM ONE trading platform, and the building of the clearing firm from the ground up, John also created live video trading tutorials that explained in simple terms how to use the system.  Customers could watch flash videos which would teach them how to easily navigate options pricing, purchasing and their respective accounts.  This fully animated instructional tutorial concept was an unprecedented technology in the Futures Clearing Merchant Business in 2004, and has since become a necessary component of all online brokerage businesses.

Unique in the industry, FXCM ONE offered “Turn Key” solutions to the community of licensed Introducing Brokers in addition to trade execution and clearing services.  The turn key solution gave introducing brokers the ability to focus on their customers and their growing business.  All brokerage services we’re handled by FXCM experts in the fields of legal, media, accounting, management, exam preparation, logistics, construction and vendor relations.

The competitive and price advantages offered by FXCM ONE led to over 10 million dollars of sales in the first six months of company business.