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Our attorneys understand the emotional conflicts and stress that people endure when challenges, disputes, and conflicts arise from family relationships.  This pain is often compounded by fear because the vast majority of people dealing with family law issues have no prior experience with the judicial system.

Our family law attorneys are committed to guiding you through the judicial system with compassion and respect.  Our Florida family law attorneys will work tirelessly to resolve your disputes quickly and as painlessly as possible. In addition to achieving your goals we endeavor to minimize tension, reduce costs, and shield the family from prolonged conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Palm Beach Family Lawyers?

Are you Broward Family Law Lawyers?

Are you Miami Family Law Lawyers?

Yes.  We practice in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County. All of our lawyers are Members of the Florida Bar, licensed to practice throughout Florida.  In addition, some of our Family Law Attorneys are members of additional state bar assciations.

However, it is noteworthy that in certain family law matters the state of Florida retains jurisdiction even after a counter party leaves the state.  This is especially true in the cases of divorce, or removal of a child.

Can Your Family Law Attorneys Help Me with my (Palm Beach Divorce, Adoption in Broward, Miami Dade Child Support, etc.)

Whether you choose us or not, we can help.  We provide free support in finding and utilizing the Florida Bar Attorney Locater Service.  This service is free because it is a pleasure and an honor to assist you.

Sending you to the competition doesn’t make us money, but if it makes you happy it brings us joy.

However, if you decide that we are a perfect fit for your needs, we can assist with most family law issues.  A partial list is found below.

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