Finance, Investment & Capitalization

  • Created, owned, financed and developed numerous financial institutions in the fields of Private Placements, Commodities, Commodities Options, Currency Trading, Currency Options and Market Making.
  • Creator of FXCM ONE, Futures Clearing Merchant, and FXCM ONE TRADE STATION.
  • Working with Graduate Students from the HAAS School of Business at Berkeley, Developed Dynamic Proprietary Software for “Up to the Second Pricing” of Derivatives.
  • Pioneered 24 Hour Currency Account Access and Options Trading.
  • Wrote dozens of reports and papers on financial instruments and investments.
  • Pioneered Online Flash Video Market Reports including Customer Presentation on Crude Oil, Unleaded Gasoline, Euro Currency and Japanese Yen Futures & Derivative Investments.
  • Master Trainer, Trained Hundreds of Brokers for Series 3, Series 7, Series 10 and other Securities Exams.
  • Co-Developed Leads Management Modules for Commodities Management Systems  Software.
  • Co-Created Mega-Media Leads Management Software System.
  • Developed Lead Generation Programs to Support Dozens of Firms.
  • To date, John Taddeo Companies and Brokerage Services Customers have Raised over 100 Million Investment Dollars in the United States and Abroad.

Media, Marketing & Management

  • SEO Expert.  Speaker, Consultant, and trainer on Social Media, New Media and Search Engine Optimization – with proven results.
  • Press Expert with direct contacts at traditional and “New Media” companies.  Proved skills to clients in the August 2011 PR Challenge by capturing the first page Google News 18 of 20 business days.
  • Managed hundreds of sales, PR, marketing, programming and SEO employees, from beginner level to seasoned experts.
  • Created marketing analysis, volume plans and training materials.
  • Award winning designer fluent in Photoshop.
  • Mailing list management expert, fluent with list development, opt in and out procedures and auto-responders.
  • Website construction and onsite SEO Optimization.
  • Radio & TV ad writer, director and producer.  Winner of Four Crystal Reel Awards from Florida Motion Picture and Television association.
  • Media Buyer and Negotiator – Purchased over 10 million in Media.

Entertainment Industry Marketing & Development

  • Intellectual Property Development – Award Winning Creator/Writer/ Director. Registered with the Internet Movie Database ( See Listing Here.
    Cover to Zoom Suit Issue #3
  • Marketing Manager at Marvel Entertainment.
  • Brand Manager at FleerCorp. Entertainment Cards Spokesperson and Media Contact.  Won Awards for Trading Card Set of the Year & Marketing Campaign of the Year.
  • Director of Marketing, Big Entertainment. Won Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year.
  • Worked with MTV, Nickelodeon, NFL and Numerous Film Studios on Licensed Product Development, Marketing & Sales.
  • Creator & Co-Founder Cartoon Saloon Theme Restaurant with Partners and Celebrity Owners Adam West (Television’s Bat Man) and Lou Ferrigno (Television’s Incredible Hulk.)
  • Creator and Owner, Superverse Entertainment Publisher of Zoom Suit Award Winning Animated Film and Comic Series.
  • Created Online “Superverse Direct” Store.  Sold Over $50,000 of Zoom Suit DVDs, Art Prints, & Comic Variants (Retail) During Zoom Suit Launch.
  • Ported Zoom Suit to Mobile Devices in 2005 – Years Before Other Comics Were Available to Mobile Devices.
  • Directed and Produced “In Store” Marketing Materials including DVDs and CD-Roms Used by Retailers to Increase Initial Orders for Zoom Suit in Comic Shops Worldwide.
  • First Publisher with Online “Press Area” where Trades Could Download Images in Numerous Formats and Sizes for Print & Web Optimization.
  • Created Unprecedented Online Interactive Retailer Support Area including Preview copies, inside information, download-able sales support & more. See It Here.
  • Developed “Press Release Generator” to create and auto-send Co-Op Press Releases Personalized by Local Comic Shops to their Area Print, Radio & Broadcast Outlets.
  • Developed IP Marketing Software and List Management System.  Currently maintain an industry customer email list of over 100,000 contacts.
The Family of Voodoo Tiki Tequilas

Consumer Product Development

  • Created Voodoo Tiki Tequila Brand, Available in 22 States and 11 Countries.
  • Developed first line of Infused Tequilas.
  • First Entrepreneur to introduce Infused Tequila to the CRT of Mexico, Pioneered the Category.
  • Created “Body Shots” Edible Suntan Oils.
  • Created Ghostship Rum Brand of Ultra Premium Rum Products in Jewel Decorated Bottles.
  • Created Samadhi Premium Soda, Brand of Vitamin and Antioxidant infused Sparkling Refreshments.
Ghostship is an Ultra-Premium Rum with a Jeweled Bottle. The Jewelry that adorns the bottle is a crystal removable charm bracelet.






Targeted toward “On Premise” Consumption at High End Restaurants, Samadhi is a line of Ultra-Premium Vitamin & Anti-oxidant enhanced sparkling refreshments.