Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Promotion

“Twenty Years Ago—Spider-Man’s 30th,  Seemed Bigger than the 50th” – ICV2, Industry Trade Website Marvel needed a big promotion to reach the ambitious 1992 volume plan goals.  It would have to be something huge, and even if it wasn’t huge in it’s concept, the plan was to make it huge.  We had already planned to […]

Big Entertainment’s Techno-Comix With Leonard Nimoy Announces first Three Comic Books

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ — BIG Entertainment’s (Nasdaq: BIGE) Tekno-Comix(TM) announced the launch of their comic book line at a press conference with Leonard Nimoy, a Tekno-Comix(TM) character creator, at the 25th Annual San Diego Comic-con, the country’s largest comic book convention. Leonard Nimoy announced that Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals, Comic Book Issue No. 1, […]

Medical Comic Books for Kids Explain Diseases

Medical Comic Books for Kids Explain Diseases | Springwise Children affected by serious diseases and medical conditions either personally or in their families often don’t really understand those illnesses or the treatments required to fight them. New Zealand-based [Medikidz] aims to change all that with a series of comic books designed to explain medical information […]