X-Men 30th Anniversary Promotion Featuring Polaroid Holograms

The X-Men 30th Anniversary marketing and merchandising concept was an extension of the previous years successful Spider-Man 30th Anniversary promotion which included a brand wide crossover story between multiple titles in the X-Men Family, merchandised covers featuring trading card sized Polaroid holograms glued directly to the books, an extensive press campaign and retailer in-store promotions. […]

Fleer Ultra Spider-Man

Work on Spider-Man Ultra 1995, began immediately after the success of the Inaugural Spider-Man Trading Card Set in 1994.  The success of the 1994 Spider-Man trading cards was strong enough to warrant multiple mass market Spider-Man releases in 1995, including a card set under the premium “Fleer Ultra” banner, a brand known for superior printing […]

Mega Media Lead Generation Company

Lead prospecting and generation company Mega Media, inc was created as a vertical integration to acquire leads for John’s various businesses at a wholesale rate, as well as acquire and sell leads at retail to competitor firms. Mega Media Acquired Leads Through: Television Ads – Advertisements for investment in precious metals, crude oil, gasoline and […]

Tekno Comix Launch Sells Over 1 Million Copies

Big Entertainment’s Tekno-Comix Goes ‘Platinum’ — Ships Over One Million Comics in December; UK Distribution Added BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Tekno-Comix(TM), the imprint of BIG Entertainment (Nasdaq: BIGE), announced today that based upon orders from distributors for its three December-shipping comics titles (Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe(TM) #1, Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals(TM) #2, and […]

Futures Clearing Merchant One

In 2004 John Created FX Clearing Merchant One, a full service brokerage clearing firm, and the first licensed and registered clearing firm to introduce a foreign currency options customer pricing interface for market trading, and 24 hour customer account access. Working with graduate economics students from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, […]

Syndication Revolution – How It Works

Wondering How It Works? Learn Here!  It’s Simple. The Biggest DJ Performances in the World Streamed “Live Via Satellite” to Hundreds of Smaller Market Nightclubs andEntertainment Venues Around the Globe is a Syndication Revolution The Basics Our multi camera film team, award winning directors and sound engineers will be on site at nightclub venues featuring […]