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Do You Want 10,000 People to Pay to Wear Your Brand and Logos Tonight?  Read This!

Miami February 12, 2011 -The secret to getting people to pay to wear your brand proudly is to have your best products available for purchase at the moment consumer excitement peaks.  The challenge is being there when it happens.

How does the NFL sell over a million Superbowl shirts with the Green Bay Packers Logo on them in one night?  They hit football fans with the offer the  second “The Pack” become champions.  Finally DJs and nightclubs can market like champions too.

Syndication Revolution is “Taking the Merchandise Show on the Road” by delivering completely merchandised “Brand Marketing” shops to hundreds of small to mid size venues across the US and around the world.

Syndication Revolution now offers trade partners a number of options to feature a “Stocked Shop” to accompany any “Live Via Satellite” performance.  Featured items run the gamut from high quality shirts, hats, decals,  and patches to high end fashion, limited edition collectibles, autographed items, CDs, DVDs and more.

The Psychology of Global Branding . . .made simple.

Are you ready to bring your venue to World Super Club Status?  Your music and Brand to every corner of the globe? When we broadcast from a venue into hundreds of small to midsize venues around the globe Djs and Broadcast Clubs are giving tens of thousands of fans the opportunity to sample their product – “Live Via Satellite.”  Although potentially thousands of miles away from the city of origin, Your Brand is on their minds and marquees for weeks before the event. Every house music fan in  every small to mid size region worldwide is talking about You and their local clubs broadcast.  No one can believe it’s happening into their own back yard.  Your brand goes global, and identifiable with goodwill, a united planet, house heads around the world and a World Party!   Merchandise sales skyrocket the night of the event!  This is when fans are most excited, and anxious to acquire a memento of the excitement.  Plus! the chance to someday visit the actual Broadcast Venue, and someday see their favorite DJ “Live” becomes the dream of the local masses.  A dream many will likely start planning for that night.

The merchandising brand extension allows local venues operating a budget that would normally preclude a major investment in inventory to offer desirable and profitable branded merchandise without the overhead or investment associated with formal ongoing “Store” operations.  Point of sale venues are given a percentage of sales, while the “heavy Lifting” is completed by Syndication Revolution associates.

For clubs willing to take a more active role in merchandise sales, a direct sales outlet where inventory is purchased at wholesale prices with credit trade terms is also available.

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