Marketing Campaign of the Year Award – Fleer Trading Cards

In 1994 Fleercorp, which had recently been acquired by Marvel, released the inaugural edition of “Marvel Annual Flair” set of ultra-premium collectible trading cards. The cards were of the highest quality ever created at the time, utilizing unprecedented coloring and printing techniques and featured artwork taken directly from the most iconic moments in Marvel Comics history. These images were retouched,re-colored with computer coloring techniques, and printed on 14pt laminated, glossy, card stock.  In some cases “Real World” photos were incorporated into the colored pencil and ink drawings.

The base set consists of 149 cards + the checklist. There are 18 “PowerBlast” chase cards which have foil on one side and a larger portion of the same image, without foil, on the other side. An error occurs in the set wherein no #6 card exists, but 2 #8 cards: Iron Man (which is listed on the checklist as #6) and the real card #8 Vulture. The “PowerBlast” set is made of #1 Cable, #2 Cyclops, #3 Iron Man, #4 Magneto, #5 Phoenix, #6 Storm, #7 Venom, #8 Wolverine, #9 Ghost Rider, #10 Punisher, #11 Captain America, #12 Gambit, #13 Thor, #14 Silver Surfer, #15 Spider-Man, #16 Deadpool, #17 Invisible Woman and #18 Dr. Doom.

The card set, and the coloring processes changed comic books and trading cards forever.  Remarkably thanks in a large part to this trading card set, Fleer – the licensee – earned more money on the Marvel Characters that year than Marvel did on the sale of the comic books.

Marketing Campaign of the Year Award – Big Entertainment, Tekno Comix.

The first issue of Primortals.

Big E, a.k.a. Tekno Comix was a new comic book company created by Mitch Rubinstein and Laurie Silvers, the husband and wife team that created the Sci-Fi Channel. The company featured characters created by celebrity authors including Neil Gaiman, Leonard Nimoy, Mickey Spillane, Gene Roddenberry and others. The company also featured a chain of retail kiosks in major shopping Malls during the comics boom of the 90’s. The Tekno Comix brand was eventually discontinued in 1997, although books featuring some characters were published with Big Entertainment branding for the rest of that year. Big Entertainment continues as Hollywood Media Corp, which controls Tekno Comix intellectual property. The launch was tremendous, and the line should have been huge.

Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Crystal Reel Award – Best Monologue, The Inside Job.

The Florida Motion Picture & Television Association is a Florida group organized to promote motion picture, television, recording and digital media industries by providing assistance and information to all interested organizations in regards to Florida’s skilled personnel, locations, services and fiscal incentives.

The Inside Job was a student project that I directed while attending film school. It was a two day shoot that we edited down to just under 20 minutes. The lead actor was a local first timer, Anthony Grasso, that we had cast because the role came so naturally to him. To this day I’m not sure he was acting. I didn’t know him when I wrote the script, but it was clearly written for him. There was one problem – the monologue. A one and a half minute cutaway that explains the etymology of the word “Douchebag.” After no less than 30 takes we had to give up. We needed the shot though, it was the funniest scene in the film and key to the story. I decide to show him to to do it, thinking maybe if he sees it done in full he can then simply copy me. Camera’s rolling, I read it in one take, with the heaviest Brooklyn accent I could muster. The crew response was that we need to use that take in the final film.

We could have chopped up Anthony’s 30 takes and pieced together the monologue, but the crew calls and emails kept coming in on using my take. I wasn’t entirely sure, but went with it. We left my take in the final cut . . .and won a major award, go figure. You can watch the whole film on You Tube, or just watch the “Douchebag Monologue” here. There’s a minute set up, and then the monologue begins. Although be warned it’s definitely “R” rated.

Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Crystal Reel Award – Best Animation, Zoom Suit


Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Crystal Reel Award – Special Effects, Zoom Suit

The Inside Job was vulgar, blasphemous, racist, sexist and violent. I wanted my next project to go in the exact opposite direction, so I decided to create an all ages animated property in the vein of Shrek Meets Marvel Comics. I wanted the adults to get the inside gags, pop culture references and hidden meanings while the kids could enjoy the more obvious humor. Zoom Suit was born. An animated short film and comic book. The animated short went on to become an official selection of over 200 film festivals, winning dozens of awards and being screened around the globe in parks, camps and even a planetarium.

The comic series broke all sales expectations, selling over 25,000 copies of the first issue in comic shops worldwide, and nearly 5,000 additional Special Editions and collectable versions online. The total sales on the four issue limited series was nearly 80,000 units. With most independent comics by unknown writers selling under 3,000 units, this was a tremendous achievement. You can see the Zoom Suit Animated shorts on Youtube. Part one is Here and click Here for part two.

We were given a Diamond Product Spotlight by Diamond Comics, and nominated for New Publisher of the Year.

The Zoom Suit animated short also won over 25 awards at International Film Festivals including Palm Beach International Film Festival, Best Animation, Putnam County Film & Video Festival, Best of the Fest, Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival, Best Animation and the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, Grand Festival Award – Animation

Silver Medal, Voodoo Tiki Tequila Colección Privada de la Familia.  94/100 awarded Voodoo Tiki Tequila their coveted Silver Medal, rating Voodoo Tiki Colección Privada de la Familia a 94 out of 100.

Voodoo Tiki Tequila Extra Añejo is 100% Agave and aged for three years in French white oak brandy barrels. This Voodoo Tiki Private Family Collection offering is a hand blown bottle and glass Tiki head, and contains one liter of Extra Añejo Tequila.

The handcrafted wooden Tiki box is a precise replica of an original Voodoo Tiki, which stands almost 2 feet tall and weighs over 9 pounds! The interior is pre-lit and illuminates when opened, and contains 4 glass tiki shot glasses. Only 1,000 bottles of this collectible are produced each year. Each bottle is signed and numbered.

The Complete Review and Article in it’s original form can be seen here.

Students of the Unusual Short Film Challenge – Winner, Recalcitrant Jones & the Deadbeats.

3 Boys Productions sponsored the 1st Annual Students of the Unusual Independent Film Contest. The challenge was to create a short film, in a short time frame, based upon one of their comic book properties.

Recalcitrant Jones and the Deadbeats is a great concept. Created by Terry Cronin, the story is about a stoner type that makes a deal with the devil to “Resurrect” some of the greatest dead musicians, but in classic comedic fashion Satan revives them as Zombies. They’re rotting, they stink and their falling apart. It’s a hilarious concept. We thought it would be funny to make a short in the vein of VH1:Behind The Music. You can watch it here, and definitely try to grab a copy of the comic – it’s very funny. Check out Students of the Unusual Here.
The winning film (as well as the best of the rest) were included on a complimentary DVD compilation which was included in the giant-sized Students of the Unusual Extra Credit Special #1 comic book and distributed at convention appearances in San Diego and across the US. you can watch it here.

Grand Goldie Award, Directing – The Inside Job

Grand Goldie Award, Directing – Zoom Suit

The Goldie Film Awards is a competition recognizing excellence and expertise in film and TV worldwide. The Goldie Film Awards was founded in 1984 to give recognition to outstanding film and video productions, TV-programs, TV-spot commercials, audio productions, internet productions and scripts and to inspire creativity. The administrator is an experienced feature film producer from a 3-generation film/TV production family. Since 1984 hundreds of films and TV-spot commercials have received awards in the previous programs. Winning a Goldie Film Award is an extremely prestigious honor as entries for the Goldie Film Awards competition do not compete against each other – instead they are judged against a high standard of expertise and excellence. The Judges are top film/TV production professionals and Goldie Awards winners. Entries which attain a score of 7.1 to 8.9 on the 10-point scale will be finalists for Silver Goldie Film Awards. Entries scoring 9.0 to 9.9 are Grand Goldie Award winners.

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