BubbleProtection, Chief Marketing Officer

BubbleProtection.com is a trusted provider of protection type products that are designed specifically for the online poker player. BubbleProtection.com was formed to develop an innovative protection/indemnity product for the online poker tournament player who is constantly looking for creative yet practical ways of managing and ultimately protecting their entry fees and “bankroll”. For additional information, investor information or photos please contact the company at press@BubbleProtection.com or call 1-866-686=6366.

RocketFuel Brand Marketing, Partner

Rocketfuel Brand is a 14 person team of new media, press, SEO, media buying, production, design and creative marketing experts. The Company specializes in low cost, high impact marketing solutions.   Viral videos, social marketing, e-books, Point of Sale materials, trade show materials, corporate identity, product development, email list management and marketing, and press relations.

Design side, if you have a concept for a project stuck in your head?  We can take an idea and make it  a digital reality in 24 hours days.  We specialize in product launch phase, and new product development stage companies.

Syndication Revolution, Creator & VP Biz Development

Broadcast "Live" Via Closed Circuit Satellite to Hundreds of Targeted Venues

Syndication Revolution captures the musical and visual performances of the top DJ entertainers on the planet, and  broadcasts their performances around the world.

If you’re a DJ you become a “One Man Army” of top entertainers, able to perform in dozens, hundreds . . . even thousands of venues around the world – All At Once.

Our team of Award Winning directors, cameramen, sound engineers and filmmakers capture the performance live in 1080p, and broadcast on closed circuit satellite to our club partners around the globe.  Club partners pay a “Syndication Fee” to air the act, “LIVE VIA SATELLITE.”

Why Syndication?  It’s Simple . . .

For DJs it’s the Clubs and Cities that Could Otherwise Never Afford a Tour Stop.

For Clubs, finally Top Talent at an Affordable, and Profitable Price.


The Family of Voodoo Tiki Tequilas

Voodoo Tiki Tequila, Creator

Voodoo Tiki Tequila is a brand of ultra-premium 100% weber blue agave tequilas and 100% weber blue agave infused tequilas.  I’ve always had a passion for boutique tequilas so when the opportunity came along to aid in the development of this exciting new product I jumped at it.  Especially exciting is the Prickly Pear Infused Voodoo Tiki Tequila – Dessert Rose.  It’s really amazing, and makes the best Prickly Pear Margarita I’ve ever sampled.  Voodoo Tiki is currently available in 22 States and 12 Countries, but if it’s not near you you can usually find it from an online retailer such as www.DrinkUpNY.com.

These days I’m mostly the “Chairman Emeritus” and number one Voodoo Tiki Fan, although sometimes RBM (see Above) provides consulting, marketing and design services.




Superverse Entertainment, Partner

Intellectual property development, independent film studio, animation studio and comic book publisher most famous for the animated short and comic series Zoom Suit.  Nominated for New Publisher of the Year in 2006.  The ZS animated short was an official selection of over 200 international film festivals.  Zoom Suit issue #1 was the #1 selling independent comic for April 2006.  The company won Four (4) Crystal Reel Awards from the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association in 2005 & 2006.  Watch the Animated Short Here.

Download a PDF of the Comic or the Web Comic Here.

Most recent work include writing for Fleming Media, Medi-Kidz and 360Ep.

"White Diamond" Pictured. Also Available in Gold (22Karat Gold) and Black Pearl Spiced. The Black Pearl is Amazing.

Ghosthip Rum

An ultra-premium rum available in three varieties, White Diamond, 22 Karat Gold, and Black Pearl Spiced.  Ghostship is a fun, sexy premium alternative to the mass produced rum brands we outgrew.  Just because your taste grows up doesn’t mean you have to.  Ghostship delivers a premium product, in an eye catching package and mixes in the fun, sexy swagger of the “Pirate” lifestyle without leaving you suger-y sick the next day.  To date we’ve imported less than 1,000 cases, but the product is testing very strong. I’m expecting a large roll out in late 2012.

The bottles are decorated with “Pirate Jewels” charm bracelets that are removable, and can be worn.  Ghostship Rum is a huge hit in bottle service clubs and restaurants.  Once patrons see a bottle of Ghostship on a table they order one for themselves.  Read the Legend Here.


Achieve Samadhi

Samadhi Gourmet Aphrodisiac Soda

Samadhi Gourmet Aphrodisiac Soda is a line of vitamin and antioxidant infused sparkling sodas made with natural spring water. These nutracuetical quality refreshments feature energy or relaxation inspired flavors.  Series 1 Features Wild Lowbush Blueberry, Lemondrop Mangosteen, Uji Green Tea and Desert Prickly Pear.  Series 2 features Eden Pom (Pomegranate, Desert Blue Agave, Himalayan Wolfberry and Amazon Acai Berry.

Samadhi is a higher level meditation, the state of consciousness in which the consciousness  becomes one with the universe and in which the mind becomes still. It is the highest level of sensation, when everything becomes one in the moment.

Each 16 ounce bottle is glass etched featuring a window outline of the  goddess Visnu revealing artwork related to the natural nutracuetical flavor.  The line is targeted toward high end restaurants and bars, designed as a healthy, low calorie, antioxidant alternative to wine or spirits.

Samadhi Gourmet Aphrodisiac Soda